The Ronan Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness and funding cutting edge research for childhood cancer. We are committed to funding clinical trials to reduce the number of children affected by childhood cancer, increase survival rates and minimize long term medical and psychological effects of treatment.

  • The lack of awareness and funding for childhood cancer is unacceptable
  • Children deserve better odds and better outcomes
  • We will be a voice for Ronan and a voice for every child who is fighting cancer

"Children deserve a chance to live. They deserve to have the chance to grow up - something that so many of us take for granted."

Maya Thompson, Ronan's Mama

Cancer kills more children in the U.S than any other disease

80% of Children have metastasized disease at time of diagnosis

Childhood Cancer receives less than 4% of U.S Federal Funding


We are committed to funding cutting-edge research to improve treatments for children with neuroblastoma.
Neuroblastoma is a childhood cancer that most commonly affects kids under 5 years old. It is a super aggressive cancer with
a survival rate of less than 60% with current treatment modalities. After initial treatment, there is a 50% chance of relapse and
there is no known cure for relapsed neuroblastoma. New, more effective treatments for relapsed neuroblastoma is our top priority.

  • Research

    Seek information about research initiatives.

  • Colloborate

    Seek other non-profits to jointly fund trial

  • Fundraise

    Raise funds in collaboration with others.

  • Execute

    Fund trial and follow progress closely.


Maya Image Maya Thompson - Founder and Ronan's Mama -

Maya is forever committed to sharing her love for Ronan and fighting to change the world of childhood cancer.

Woody Image Woody Thompson - President and Ronan's Father -

Woody is committed to fight cancer in honor of his son, Ronan. His leadership, devotion and knowledge leave us with no doubt that childhood cancer has met its match.

Rachel Goldman - Vice President -

Rachel is pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology and has always been a compassionate, fierce advocate for children with cancer.

Rainesford Stauffer - Head of PR and Social Media -

Rainesford is a published writer with a heart of gold, who uses her passion of writing to be a strong advocate for children

Dr. Aubrey Maze Pediatric Anesthesiologist at
Phoenix Children's Hospital
Dr. Giselle Sholler Pediatric Oncologist and
Chair of NMRTC
Dr. Yael Mosse Pediatric Oncologist at
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Dr. Francis Eschun Pediatric Oncologist at
Phoenix Children's Hospital